Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Mini Games Available

Games fans have finally received a particle of the new experience they will live in Kingdom Hearts 3 due to the last trailer. This time Sora will be able to interact with his party and not only with the surroundings and users might be able to play some retro games within Square Enix.

Retro Minigames Featuring in Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix will be released on Xbox One and on PS4 and will be featuring games in the LCD manner. For example, one of the games consists of using a hammer to whack enemies while a second one is engaging players in evading a giant as it stomps its feet and if these two do not convince you, another game would be a delivery one. These LCD games will be referred to as “Classic Kingdom.”

Dandelion Meeting, a fan event for Kingdom Heart Union X, draw the attention of users by assuming that these minigames will be available for playing after the release.

Because this game is evolving, Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to be more times better than the previous one. Even more, both Kingdom Hearts Union X and Kingdom Hearts 3 will be places where the Classic Kingdom could be played.

News: Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds

Rumors continue to be spread about Kingdom Heart 3 and another news state that new worlds will be included in the upcoming game. Although we already know something about other worlds being revealed such as Monsters Inc. and Toy Story, we can expect a surprise from the game’s creators. Speculations about a Frozen world keep spreading because of some FTP reveals.

In conclusion, Kingdom Hearts fans get ready to experience a range of feels that will be stimulated by the retro minigames and the new worlds.

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