WeChat 6.6.7 APK vs. WhatsApp 2.18.214 beta APK – Which One Is the Better Messaging App?

WeChat is a messaging app that excels at helping people communicate with their friends. The app has been downloaded by more than five million people on the official Google Play Store and this shows us that WeChat is a premium-level app. Nonetheless, the reason why WeChat is making headlines today is because a brand-new update has just arrived.

WeChat 6.6.7 APK Update

The latest update for WeChat sports the “6.6.7” version number and it is exclusive to Android users. The developers who are in charge of WeChat have posted the new update in the form of APK and this is why it’s exclusive to Android users. For those unaware of this, APK is an acronym for Android Package Kit. Moving on, let’s see what type of new features this update contains.

Saving Moments

One of the things that separates WeChat from other messaging apps is the fact that it lets users share special moments in their life. The app is equipped with a feature known as “Moments” which can be used to share photos and videos with other users.

Nonetheless, the Moments features is now being improved because the new update gives users the option to save a Moments post as a draft. This is a great addition because it will make it easier for users to draft a Moments post and then edit it later.

Android Package Kit

As we already mentioned, WeChat users who want to get their hands on the new update before the developers decide to roll it out OTA (over the air) need to install the APK version of it. With that being said, we need to note WeChat users who want to install the APK update need to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature.

WhatsApp 2.18.214 beta APK Update

Even though WeChat is a premium messaging app, it still has a long way to go before it can surpass WhatsApp in terms of popularity. In fact, WhatsApp has also received a new APK feature at the same time WeChat did and today we are going to see which update is better.

What’s New?

Just like WeChat’s latest update, the new WhatsApp patch comes in the form of APK. However, there is a big difference between the two updates because they focus on different things. While WeChat improved the Moments feature, WhatsApp’s latest 2.18.214 beta APK update improves the Groups features.

Group admins will now be able to select a special option which is going to disable chatting from the designated group. The only ones who will be able to chat or send information within that group are admins.

This is a nice feature, especially for people who join groups such as a newsletter in order to get information and not to talk with others. On the other hand, WhatsApp users will still be able to communicate within that group, but they will have to do it through private messages.

Final Words

WeChat and WhatsApp offer similar services, but the two are directed for different types of users. WeChat is ideal for people who enjoy sharing pictures and talking with people while WhatsApp only focuses on communication.

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