Dead Space 4 – EA Plans to Capitalize On the Game Franchise’s Popularity

Dead Space is one of the most beloved game franchise and fans keep asking for a new installment. There are three Dead Space games available right now and they all are known for their incredible RPG setting and fun gameplay mechanics which leave fans wanting for more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we are going to see Dead Space 4 too soon and today we are going to present the top reasons why.

Electronic Arts Involvement

For those who don’t know, EA purchases companies that develop outstanding games and then give them new tasks. This has caused the gaming community to hate EA, and it’s exactly what happened with Visceral Games. Visceral Games is the company that created the Dead Space 4 universe and EA stopped its activity in 2017 when it tasked the developers to create a new Star Wars game.

Zero Official Information

The interesting thing about Dead Space 4 is that neither Visceral Game’s former employees neither EA want to confirm or deny if the highly anticipated game will ever be released. On one hand, this gives fans hope that Dead Space 4 will be revealed in the upcoming future, on the other it doesn’t unveil any details about the game.

Dead Space Art Director Speaks Out

Even though everything is pointing that Dead Space 4 will not arrive anytime soon, Ian Milham who is the Art Director for the game has mentioned in a Reddit post that the “Dead Space” intellectual property is worth a lot of money to EA.

Therefore, the Art Director believes that EA is planning to capitalize on Dead Space’s popularity and surprise fans by announcing Dead Space 4. However, the Art Director has no way of knowing when that will happen.

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