Google Earth Pro Update Download Available for Eager Fans

Google Earth Pro is an incredible app that gives everyone the ability to fly all over the world. This app features satellite imagery, detailed terrain, maps and 3D buildings which make it possible for people to explore the world without ever having to move from their couch. Since Google is the company that is directly in charge of this app, no one should be surprised to find out that it receives a constant stream of updates and a brand-new one has just arrived!

Google Earth Pro Update

The Android parent has recently published a new update for Google Earth Pro and it changes the app’s version number to “”. The update doesn’t include any new features, but it does contain a handful of bug fixes that improve Google Earth Pro’s overall performance and user experience. Therefore, Google Earth Pro fans who want to make sure they are using the latest version of the app should get their hands on the new update.

Android Package Kit

On the downside of things, the new update is not being rolled out through official OTA (over the air) channels. This means that Google Earth Pro fans who want to get the new update and all the bug fixes that it contains ahead of everyone else need to do it manually. The update is available in the form of APK and interested Google Earth Pro fans are required to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature in order to install it.

Highlight Features

Since we are talking about Google Earth Pro, let’s go over some of the app’s highlight features in order to give readers an idea of what it has to offer.

  • GIS Import;
  • Advanced Measurements;
  • Spreadsheet Import;
  • Movie-Maker support;
  • High-resolution image printing (supports pixel resolutions of up to 4800 x 3200).

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