MacBook Pro 2018 Update Available with New Features and Specs

According to 9to5Mac, customers who pre-ordered the new 2018 MacBook Pro models from Apple will start receiving their brand new laptops today. Several shipmen notification has popped up, with screenshots showing a time stamp of 13 July.

While Apple estimates that new orders will be honored starting from July 16, people who pre-ordered the standard versions of the new MacBook Pros have been charged and will receive them in the following days.

Those who opted for a custom configuration will have to wait until next week and order to get their hands on the shiny new iDevice.

As it was previously reported, the MacBook Pro line received a serious hardware update. The 15-inch models feature brand-new current generation Intel processors, available in either I7 or I9 variants, according to user preference. RAM capacity has also been ramped up, with a maximum capacity of 32 GB of DDR4 RAM. For the first time, customers can also opt for a quad-core processor on the 13-inch model. It is estimated that the performance gain is around 70% for the 15-inch models and almost double for the 3-inch models. According to Verge, the price for a maxed out 15-inch model, with all the premium options included gravitates around an eye-watering 6000$.

For those that want a more beefier graphical solution, an external GPU is also available. Based on Radeon 580 with 8 GB of memory, the Blackmagic Design eGPU offers VR ready capacities for tech-savvy users and the promise of increased graphical capabilities for image designers and video editors. A main attraction of the eGPU is its architecture. Featuring several ports and plug-and-play capabilities, the device is designed to be as silent as possible. At around 18 dB minimal noise, it is geared towards video production and audio engineering environments. The eGPU is available for 699$.

Will you pick up the new MacBook Pro? Tell us more in the comments below.

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