The Ronaldinho Gaucho Soccer Coin (RSC) is Now Up and Running

Nowadays it seems like everyone is launching their own cryptocurrency and considering that the World Cup is taking place right now and that this is the annual highlight of the soccer world, it should come as no surprise that the first soccer cryptocurrency has been launched. Ronaldinho Gaucho is a legend of the sport and he has announced that Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC) is now available for investors all around the world.

The Ronaldinho Gaucho Soccer Coin (RSC)

The Brazilian professional soccer player has released a short video on Twitter where he announced that the RSC project is now live. Moreover, the soccer player also announced that RSC will have lots of benefits for the world, but he didn’t share any details.

The Website is Up

If you think that this might be a prank, then you couldn’t be more wrong! The official website for RSC is already up and running and it features the project’s roadmap. The roadmap for RSC is showing that the first step is taking place this month and that it consists of building two stadiums in East Asia. Not just that, but five more stadiums will be built in East Asia.

Nonetheless, Ronaldinho promises that his company is going to build stadiums in a total of 300 locations spread across the world and that they are going to use cutting-edge VR, AI and blockchain technology, thus combining the real and digital experience of soccer.

Experienced Team

As you would expect, Ronaldinho Gaucho is not the only person in charge of the RSC cryptocurrency. The famous soccer player is accompanied by a team of professionals such as Jun Otaka (CEO of Crypto Lab Japan), Dima Zaitsev (Head of International PR and Chief of Business Analytics Department of ICOBox) and many more.

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