The Surface Pro 3 vs. The Microsoft Surface 3 – Prices, Specs and Features

With Microsoft’s new release, there are now two tablets that form the Surface family. Below we will help you decide which one suits you.

From outside, both tablets look similar, but inside is where it makes the difference. Both have Windows 8.1, can be used with a backlit keys keyboard cover, contain a stylus but…there are differences:

The New Surface 3

  • More affordable at the price of $499 for a 2GB memory and 64GB storage model
  • Quad-core Intel Atom x7 processor
  • 8-inch display with 1920×1280 resolution
  • Battery life up to 10 hours.
  • 1 TB storage in OneDrive
  • One year of Office 365 Personal
  • Pay $49.99 for Surface Pen

This tablet is more likely to compete with Apple’s iPad rather than a laptop.

The Surface Pro 3

  • Full laptop and tablet replacement
  • 12-inch display with 2160×1440 resolution
  • More powerful processor:
  • 64 GB storage, Intel Core i3 (1.5 GHz), 4 GB RAM for $799
  • 128 GB storage, Intel Core i5 (1.9 GHz), 4 GB RAM for $999
  • 256 GB storage, Intel Core i5 (1.9 GHz), 8 GB RAM for $1,149
  • 256 GB storage, Intel Core i7 (1.7 GHz), 8 GB RAM for $1,549
  • 512 GB storage, Intel Core i7 (1.7 GHz), 8 GB RAM for $1,949
  • Surface Pen included
  • Multi-positionable kickstand
  • Battery life of up to 9 hours

Which Surface to Buy

If you want a travel laptop or a tablet, buy Surface Pro. For a laptop which can be used more comfortably, you should choose Surface Pro 3.

The big question, as with choosing any laptop or tablet, is what do you need it for? Although the Surface 3 has the same Windows 8.1 experience as the Surface Pro, its smaller size and less powerful specs might make it better for tablet use or as your travel laptop.

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