6 Clash Of Clans Golden Lessons You Learn While Playing

Addictive mobile games can teach you practical knowledge. Our phones have become glorified Gameboys, and we need to accept it because you sure played Doodle Jump and Angry Birds at least once.

An overall favorite game is Clash of Clans, one of the most versatile and engaging games from the market. It is not just a game as it takes alliances and tactics to fully take advantage of the Clash of Clans universe.

Here are seven lessons you learn while playing:

A bigger fish is always waiting to be fried

We all live in the fantasy of becoming a perfect human being, but actually, we should focus on our weaknesses and strengths because in the game, for example, no clan can be flawless no matter how good or for how long you play.

Everything can be healed with time

If those 75 raging barbarians demolished your city, it just takes a matter of our for your village to heal itself. It is exactly how life works. Sometimes you are discouraged and have a deep wish to give up, but patience will help you get over that problem of yours.


Keep in mind that the 1000 peasants in your village are all relying on you, so before engaging in this game, get ready for some responsibility lessons because they need your help non-stop.

Violence is the key

If you are out of gold, rob someone else’s village and get back on track.

Pay and this is what you get

We usually face the problem of choosing a brand article of clothing or a bad quality one, but Clash of Clans teaches you how to save the valuable items because if you settle for less so will be your experience.

Lives are expendable

If you lose your army, you can make a new one.

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