Amazon Echo Dot 2 – Why Is It Better Than The Old Version?

Amazon has launched the Echo Dot 2, a better, smaller and smarter version of its fan-favorite Echo Dot product line.

Cheaper than the first generation, it is a very efficient and satisfying experience for users that desire a smart, voice-controlled hub.

Smaller than its cousins Echo and Echo plus, the Dot looks and feels good. Should you desire two devices instead of one, you receive a 20$ discount, for a total price of 80% (Keep in mind that Prime Day is coming, and you may find n even sweeter deal should you wait).

The Echo Dot is in two gloss variants, black or white. Custom cases are also available, should you like a more personal choice regarding the looks of your device.

Alexa will be able to play music, check the weather forecast, control other smart appliances available in your home, and other familiar skills such as book reading, call and message answering, food order and others tasks.

The number of skills is continuously growing, as more re-added with each firmware update. As of spring 2018, more than thirty thousand distinct skills are supported.

Hardware-wise the Dot comes with seven built-in microphones able to pick up your voice from no matter where you are in the room at the time. It features the Echo Spatial Perception protocol. Should you have more Echos or Dots in a room, only the one closest to you will trigger in order to minimize potential conflicts between the devices when the Alexa command is spoken.

While in theory this sounds great, in practice some devices can trigger simultaneously even when they are far away from each other. But Amazon assures that protocol improvements will come in the future in over to minimize any inconvenience. One workaround is to change the wake word in order to allow the devices to trigger differently.

For newcomers and old users alike, The Echo Dot is the perfect investment.  It’s the perfect heart for your smart home setup and for 50$ you get more than enough functions.

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