Clash of Clans „No Gems” in Offer: Here is the Solution

u/Royallvl1challenge made a post in this subreddit recently that explains why Supercell can no longer offer gems and outlines the legal walls of the company. Keep reading if you want to know more.

Some people believed that gold should also not be available from these offers, but it is because of the one first layer of gems that is regulated.

The solution

Gem tickets are what Supercell could do to bypass this problem without struggling too much. It can make a second layer of enforced or not regulated gems.

To be more specific, as we say in the US, Gem Tickets are more like a form of „store credit.” From gem tickets you can redeem an x amount of gems based on three kinds of Gem Tickets that you can choose from:: Gem Ticket 500, Gem Ticket 1200, Gem Ticket 2500.

The tickets have a number at the end of it so you can know how many gems can be redeemed for. Later you can add different values to get tickets.

In addition to this, you can buy the tickets with gems, contrary to the gold. However, the Gem Ticket 500 would be sold at the price of 500 gems. This is only a solution for bypassing the problem this the authentic gems as long as they can just be bought with real money. If it is not, maybe the possibility to transfer gems to a friend or receive a gift from one can be added.

TL;DR: The creator company, Supercell is stuck behind a legal barrier, and it prevents them from putting gems in offers. Gem Tickets is the only way we get Gems back in our offers because they can be redeemed for Gems, which technically bypasses the legal barrier.

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