Jailbreak with Best Cydia Tweaks that are Free for iOS 11.3.1

From what we know, Jailbreak for iOS 11.2 – iOS 11.3.1 was already released by Team Electra, and users started installing Cydia Tweaks. Unfortunately, many of them are not compatible to work with the Jailbreak Electra iOS 11.3.1.

To help you achieve this experience, we have put up a list of 21 free Electra Cydia Tweaks which will work for sure on the latest Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1.

  1. iCleanerPro – Clean from your iOS device all junk files
  2. NudeKeys – Customizes the iOS keyboard
  3. LeadMeHome – Find app icons on your iPhone’s Home screen easier
  4. SmoothCursor – While typing texts get a smooth cursor animation
  5. Rocket For Instagram – An addon for Instagram
  6. StatusSwitcher – On App Switcher Show the status bar
  7. SugarCane – Adds percentage icon on Control Center Sliders
  8. PullToRespring – By going to the Settings app and pulling down from the top, you can respring your device
  9. 9Folderz – Getting the iOS 9 folder icon
  10. IGDarkMode – Instagram gets dark mode
  11. RomanPasscode – You can make a password with roman numerals
  12. CertRemainTime – see how much time you have until Electra app’s certificate expires
  13. TweakCompatible – Checking Cydia Tweak Compatibility
  14. Flame – Addon to Cydia
  15. Cylinder – While swiping on home screen from one page to another, get great animations
  16. Filza – It gives you root access to the iOS file system
  17. Dark Messages – Put the Messages App into Dark Mode
  18. Floating Dock – iPad-like dock for iPhone
  19. SwipeForMore – With a swipe, you install/remove Cydia tweaks
  20. Goodges – On an app’s Home screen label display notifications
  21. Safari Full URL – Safari – display full URL

Follow to install Cydia Tweak:

After launching Cydia, from the search bar begin searching any tweak you want to have installed on your phone then tap install and then confirm.

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