Paradoxically, The United States Is The Most Friendly Country In The World For ICOs

The United States, Switzerland, and Singapore were classified as the three most friendly countries for Initial Coin Offers (ICOs) in a new briefing, as reported by researchers in a press release they issued on Cointelegraph on July 14th.

The United States is the most crypto-friendly country, while Switzerland comes second

The analysts affiliated with the Crypto Finance Conference collected the data from publicly accessible information from the top 100 ICOs per country regarding the funds raised and ranked them by the number of completed projects that were launched.

The report points to the United States as the most ICO friendly country in the world as having some 30 ICOs operating in the area. The second-ranked country is Switzerland, which accounts for half of the projects, while Singapore comes in third place with 11 projects.

The paper also lists Russia, Estonia, and the UK as among the most encouraging nations for funding crypto ventures.

ICOs have a great year in 2018, as their fundraising projects returned twice as much as throughout 2017

As it was reported in the news last week, just four months ago was the biggest month in the history of ICO investment, and 2018 has also seen that the time needed to complete an ICO, and the success of those projects, have changed considerably since last year.

Cryptocurrency analysts also recently revealed that ICO volumes reached new records in the first half of 2018, which were already double what they had achieved throughout 2017.

As one of the main places to carry out large ICOs and crypto-projects, the United States continues to combat cases of illegal activity in the crypto-verse. Earlier this week, the Texas State Securities Board (SSB) issued an emergency cease order to a network of companies related to cryptocurrencies allegedly accused of offering fraudulent crypto investments to state residents.

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