Amazon Getting Closer To Accepting Bitcoin (BTC) Payments And Blockchain Technology

A new rumor emerged on Reddit and created a massive buzz around it. According to it, the giant online retailer and tech company Amazon is up for accepting Bitcoin (BTC) payments.

As said on Reddit, the information leaked from a developer at Amazon who asserted that the company discussed accepting BTC many times, but every time it got stuck at the returns and refunds issues as the BTC price is very volatile.

Even though the Amazon’s spokesmen kept the silence regarding the company’s plans on accepting cryptocurrency payments and blockchain technology, lately, the company engineers and devs made some significant steps towards cryptos. On the other hand, the Amazon Technologies, Inc., an Amazon subsidiary, successfully patented a streaming data marketplace the enables customers to view crypto transaction data in real-time, as reported by the Daily HODL.

Amazon getting closer to accepting Bitcoin (BTC) payments, as well as other cryptocurrencies

The before-mentioned patent talked about the opportunity to employ Bitcoin (BTC) as a use case, asserting that “a group of electronic or internet retailers who accept Bitcoin transactions may have a shipping address that may correlate with the Bitcoin address.”

On the other hand, Amazon purchased three crypto-related Internet domains, namely,,, and These come in addition to the already-owned domain All these domains redirect to Amazon’s main website.

Amazon Web Services and AWS Blockchain Templates are already used by Amazon to offer blockchain solutions.

Also, some rumors say that Amazon plans to launch its proprietary crypto coin. In fact, they’ve already released a virtual currency, the Amazon Coin. However, it’s not relying on blockchain technology, so the coin is not cryptocurrency, so it didn’t win much popularity.

In conclusion, Amazon, the giant online retailer and tech company, takes significant steps towards accepting Bitcoin (BTC) payments, as well as other cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology.


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