Bitcoin (BTC) To Reach $15,000 By The End Of 2018, Thinks Goldman Sachs Ex-VP

Cryptocurrencies have been on a downward trend for several weeks until recently when the market began to surge. Although Bitcoin (BTC) peaked in December last year at almost $20,000, it is now worth about $6,500, which has risen some concerns among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. But, fortunately, this dark period might end, as a former Goldman Sachs employee thinks that the leading crypto by market cap will hit $15,000 by the end of the year.

Christopher Matta, the former vice president of the investment management division at Goldman Sachs, is a firm believer who, despite the downturn season, does see a bright future for Bitcoin (BTC). For this reason, he assured that by the end of the year the price of this crypto would be around $15,000.

After leaving the famous financial firm, Matta devoted himself entirely to the cryptocurrencies market, becoming co-founder of Media Luna Crypto Asset Management, a crypto investments consulting firm.

Bitcoin (BTC) to hit $15,000 by the end of the year, says the former Goldman Sachs VP

Due to his great optimism for cryptocurrencies, Christopher Matta believes that Bitcoin (BTC) has a long-term upward trend, so he urges people not to panic, bet on digital currencies and invest in them, especially on BTC.

“The bullish sentiment has not changed in the last six months,” Matta said, according to CCN. “The regulators have begun to intervene. We believe that smarter regulations can be good,” he added.

As for the introduction of Bitcoin (BTC) into the futures market, which has been listed by many experts as the reason why this digital currency has not experienced a significant rise in prices yet, the former director of Goldman Sachs assures that the volatility of the BTC prices has been maintained or even increased. Thus, it is quite difficult to determine whether futures affected the worth of this cryptocurrency.

Like Christopher Matta, there are many other somewhat optimistic opinions regarding the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital currencies for the end of the year. However, it is important to remember that these are all speculations and that nobody can know what would happen in the cryptocurrencies market in the future.

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