Clash of Clans Most Important In-Game Timers Changes Ahead of Town Hall 12 Update

One of the things that makes Clash of Clans stand out when compared to other mobile games is the amount of updates that it receives. The developers who are in charge of Clash of Clans are always looking to improve the game through regular updates that introduce new features, cinematics, bug fixes and even balance changes! A great example of that is the latest balance change update which arrived right before Town Hall 12 was released.

Preparing the Game for Town Hall 12

The introduction of Town Hall 12 is one of the biggest changes that Clash of Clans fans have seen in this past couple of months. However, it’s worth paying attention to the way Supercell (the game developer) prepared the game for this update by altering in-game timers. With that said, let’s check out the biggest changes that Supercell introduced ahead of Town Hall 12’s debut.

Grand Warden, Archer Queen and Barbarian King Regen Changes

  • Garden Warden Regen: Levels 1-30 have been changed by up to 26 percent;
  • Archer Queen and Barbarian King Regens: Level 2-60 have been changed by up to 37 percent;
  • Archer Queen and Barbarian King Upgrades: Level 1-38 have been changed by up to 64 percent.

Reducing the Time for Building Upgrades

  • Laboratory: Level 2-9 (up to 40 percent);
  • Spell Factory Level 1-4 (up to 50 percent);
  • Barrack: Level 2-12 (up to 100 percent);
  • Gold Mine: Level 4-12 (up to 50 percent);
  • Elixir Pump: Level 5-12 (up to 50 percent);
  • Elixir Storage: All levels except 1, 11 and 13 (up to 50 percent);
  • Clan Castle: Level 2-7 (up to 50 percent);
  • X-Bow: Level 1-5 (up to 36 percent);
  • Cannon: Level 4-15 (up to 50 percent);
  • Bomb Tower: Level 1-6 (up to 38 percent);
  • Air Sweeper: Level 1-7 (up to 50 percent);
  • Hidden Tesla: Level 1-5 (up to 50 percent).

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