Microsoft’s Andromeda Entirely Revamped for 2019

Microsoft has been the wavemaker in the backchannel over the past couple of weeks. Why? Because the public is excited to find out more about the Andromeda project and when it is going to be released. Just like when the Nintendo Switch was launched, we could get behind it before that event, and we might do it again with Andromeda as it seems to be a portable computing concept. However, it would still need some work this time as it is little to no information on the internet regarding this subject.

As the launch appears to have a delay, Thurott shared the information received by internal sources and here are some reasons why Andromeda might be released later than expected, in 2019. Somehow when it came for Microsoft to play the “go, no go” decision game, at this point of the year, the trigger was pulled on “no” so there will be no holiday season release.

At the moment, the subject of the company’s worries is if they confused the public with their Surface brand. It is crystal clear that this brand is a premium and pioneering brand for convertible tablets and laptops. What might drag the reputation of Surface Book, Surface Laptop and Surface Pro down would be a smaller device with an imperfect execution on its dual-sided convertible design and lesser processing power. It does not sound like the Surface brand perfection, does it?

If you take that and add Qualcomm hard working process of creating high-powered ARM silicon which might not be ready until the end of the year (consider that early), the result will be…disappointing. Another year stuck in the pipeline, so this is why Andromeda is yet to have a launch date revealed and because of Surface Phone waiters will be upset.

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