Samsung Might Beat Apple with its Series of Three Galaxy S10

As stated by a lot of tech bloggers and leaks sites, 2019 will be Samsung’s year. The South Korean company is hurrying to launch Galaxy S10, its flagship in three different sizes.

For the past few generations of Samsung high-end handsets, we have been used to receiving two sizes of such a phone, the big one, and the entry-level mini version. Ming-Chi Kuo, the TF International analyst, gave Business Insider a prediction of Samsung launching three variant of the Galaxy S10 in order to match Apple and its series of three iPhones.

The sizes expected of the Samsung Galaxy S10, says Kuo, are supposed to be 6.4, 6.1 and 5.8 inches. In order to buck Samsung’s trend of placing the sensor on the rear panel for it to facilitate the accommodation of the Galaxy’s Infinite Display from the past two generations, the two larger phones will be featuring ultrasonic in-display fingerprint readers. The entry-level device’s fingerprint reader will be mounted on the side. The Bell, the Korean news site, has also stated that this will happen to help S10 with security features.

The users of the large version of Samsung Galaxy S10 will benefit from the 3D front camera for facial recognition and three other cameras. With this feature, Samsung has the chance to beat Huawei and its tri-camera P20 Pro who wears the crown at the moment in DxoMark’s top spot.

Another rumor the public is excited about is the appearance of Galaxy X. This model is said to be a foldable one, and Consumer Electronics Show 2019 from next January might be the host of its announcement. Even though this sounds so innovative, it might not make Samsung fans get $2,000 out of their pockets for this device.

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