Tesla vs. America’s Most Productive Car Factories

To be the chief executive of “a real car company” has become one of Elon Musk’s most important aims. In order to achieve that, he wants to get into competition with the most productive car factories in North America by turning Tesla Inc. into a mass producer which will be able to at list complete or overcome their standards.

Even though the company had a rough year of factory problems which resulted in the rollout of its Model 3 electric sedan, Tesla does not stop and it a step closer to achieving this goal. Tesla’s weekly output from its only plant from Fremont California is of 6,944 cars at the end of June also taking into consideration 5,031 Model 3s. According to 2018 production data which has been estimated by just-auto.com, a market research firm, Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. can reach the 14th place among 70 auto plans in North America if they could somehow keep their level this high.

To sustain such output over a period of 52 weeks is more difficult than achieving Elon Musk’s self-imposed deadline of producing almost 7,000 cars in one go-for-broke week. Tesla’s average has been of 3,378 vehicles per week for the first half of the current year which put the company only on the 48th place in the ranking of North American factories, a fact which is disappointing regarding CEO’s aim.

Elon Musk offered Bloomberg Businessweek an interview in which he made a prediction that his factory will be able to make 5,000 Model 3s per week by August all in addition to Model S and Model X cars without implementing any major changes.

He said, “In three months I think 5,000 will feel normal.”

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Musk predicted that by August his factory would be able to make 5,000 Model 3s each week, in addition to Model X and S vehicles, without heroic measures. “In three months,” he said, “I think 5,000 will feel normal.”

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