Best Choices of VPN for BitTorrent Users in 2018

If you are a user of a BitTorrent protocol to download music, movies or games, you need to be aware of the fact that having the best VPN is really a necessity these days. With an increasing focus of media companies on torrenting, the IPs of users are being collected by them, which might result in a legal notice. All those who do not use any VPN are at risk, and their identity could be compromised.

Luckily, VPN can keep you safe while you are using torrents. In this article, we will talk about the four best choices when it comes to VPN.


Based in the British Virgin Islands, this popular VPN offers a great speed, allowing you to download even large files in no time. The great thing about ExpressVPN is that it doesn’t keep any history of your connection and activity logs. This and a very strong encryption will make your torrenting completely safe. We should also mention that this VPN allows you to pick the server you want to connect to, giving you a choice of more than 2000 servers in 94 countries.


This VPN has even more servers than ExpressVPN, around 4300 of them, located around the world. All these servers are fully supporting unlimited bandwidth and speed. NordVPN provides double data encryption in addition to shared IPs: your data is not being converted into a code, but your IP is instead being replaced with their own IP.


Provided by ProtonVPN AG from Switzerland, this VPN does not record any logs, and its architecture prevents any hacker activities. ProtonVPN currently has over 200 servers in at least 28 places worldwide.


Based in Texas, this VPN has more than 650 servers located in 26 countries. It provides a very high level of security, but its users love StrongVPN for something else: it is able to bypass Netflix US’s restriction.

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About the Author: Francis E. Hagopian


  1. I used Nord and the servers were slow when it came to download over P2P, all because of their double data encryption. I am now on PureVPN and love their categorization of servers, I just have to only select the file-sharing mode and it connects me to the fastest server automatically.

  2. Thanks for the list but just curious that PureVPN couldn’t make the list? I have used their service. It’s good and reliable.

  3. For me, purevpn is the best one. Their dedicated ip system is the best. It never leaks your ip and the most important thing is it runs netflix US from anywhere.

    Read a blog a week ago on vpnranks website. Got it from there.

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