Minecraft Confirms Super Duper 4K Graphics Pack Release

Minecraft has confirmed the release of the Super Duper 4K Graphics Pack. According to reports, the new pack will be released next year instead of this year. Speculations regarding the pack were there since 2017 and it seems like it is finally making it’s way officially.

The 4K pack is said to be good for those who need something reliable, something steady and want to make sure that their game gets a boost as far as graphics are concerned. Many people will agree that the current graphics of the game might not be the ones that everybody looks out for. However, not anymore, because the Super Duper 4K graphics pack is targeted towards improving the graphics of the game, by in large.

If you are a minecraft PC player, there is an alternative for you, created by some private developers, Shaders Mod adds graphical improvements such as shader, reflexes, hd textures and realistic water. They can be downloaded totally free.

Who Is It For?

The Super Duper 4K Graphics Pack is for those who want a big change in the graphics of their game. If you want to enhance what you look at, see how it looks and other graphical details, this is probably a better choice of update for you because it offers and brings a range of improvements including improved lighting, realistic sets, streaming sun beams, swaying grass and more

The pack is targeted towards improving the graphics of the game and that is where you can experience a big improvement after the update rolls out.

When Is It Coming?

The update is said to grace us officially by next year. There were talks about the update coming forth in 2017 but 2017 passed and we saw nothing. There was also news regarding the update coming forth in 2018 but again, there was nothing. Now it is being confirmed that the update will grace us by next year and people cannot wait.

Is There A Price Tag?

Yes, there is a price tag on the Super Duper 4K Graphics Pack. It is being reported that the pack will cost you somewhere between $15-$25, which is not at all bad, considering that the pack will bring some major improvements as far as the graphics of the game are concerned.

The pack does not touch any other domain of the game but the graphics side. However, some feel that graphics were the ones that needed the most boost so it is a win-win situation with the update for most.

Is It Different For PC Players/Xbox Players?

PC players have been fortunate to experience the boost in graphics on their platforms with the update but the new Xbox One owners still wait for it. There is no confirmation regarding when the update will come to PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

Minecraft gets the much needed and necessary update with the Super Duper 4K Graphics Pack slated for 2019 release. The update is going to bring a lot of fixes to the current game as far as the lighting, graphics, scenes and other things are concerned. It is also being hoped that there are no further delays in the release of the update and that users get the update by next year.

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