Bitmain Crypto Mining Equipment Manufacturer To Expand Its Operations In Brazil And The USA

The company that manufactures equipment for the cryptocurrency mining, Bitmain, announced the opening of a new office in Brazil and, according to other information, is also setting up a new office in the Silicon Valley, California, in the United States.

The information on the expansion plans to South America was confirmed by the company, which indicated that the new office in Brazil would be destined only for the sale of equipment. Bitmain’s general manager of communications, William Davidson, said the company’s operations would not initially be large or linked to the installation of crypto mining farms, but rather to technical service activities.

The Bitmain executive said a single office would be opened in the city of Sao Paulo, but did not provide details on the local staff that might be required to begin operations in the South American country.

Bitmain crypto mining equipment manufacturer to expand its services to the USA

At the same time, the Silicon Valley Business Journal reported on July 16th the recent establishment of Bitmain in the Silicon Valley, California, where offices of approximately 1,858 square meters were installed. The crypto mining company is said to have filled the last vacancy in the city’s Riverpark Towers office building, known as the hub of many new technology companies.

This information is circulating shortly after the announcement of the strengthening of Bitmain’s workforce in Israel, where 40 new professionals will be hired for developing a center in the city of Ra’anana in the Central District. There Bitmain will recruit blockchain researchers, senior software and security engineers, as well as marketing staff, Python and JavaScript programmers and quality control staff.

Also, last February, Bitmain opened a technical support office in Irkust, Russia, one of the largest cities in Siberia and one of the most attractive areas in the world for crypto mining thanks to the cold climate. According to media reports, the idea is to attend more directly to the needs of the growing market in that country and to provide support to all Russian residents who need to have their ASIC devices manufactured by Bitmain repaired.

With this new move, Bitmain crypto mining equipment manufacturer aims to expand its services in South America and the USA.

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