Clash Of Clans Best Tips and Tricks to Get Better

Top Tricks & Tips for Every Clasher 2018 – Clash Of Clans

This game, Clash of Clans, has been a favorite of many players for more than five years so according to hem, here is some advice you should take advantage of to improve your playing experience.

Here is what every clasher should know:

Tips for attacking:

1) Always think about a strategy while waiting for those 30 second to pass and change the base if you consider you will not get at least two starts from the current base.

2) Never forget luring the castle troops out of the castle and kill them.

3) Avoid putting all your troops at once, before letting you main squad entering always use the clear team to clear the way. The clear squad can have 2 Giants, 4 Wall Breakers, and 4 Wizards.

4) Do not forget to use your spells during the attacks because it is the only way to support your troops during the attack so use them.

Tips for defending

1) When creating your base only use the internet as an inspiration and make sure to change the design accordingly. Keep it original.

2) The center of your base should be where you place the Clan Castle.

3) Always use the compact base design like small boxes design or anti-funneling design in your base.

4) If owning an inferno tower, put it into multi-mode.

5) When they can offer the maximum damage, do not hesitate to use the Hidden Teslas. 15 Tiles radius around the Townhall is beneficial to your hidden Teslas because when troops get near the core of the base they usually lose much of their health and hidden Teslas are the best defense to welcome them in the center of the support.

6) Make sure you upgrade your traps.

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