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iOS 11.3.1 Electra Jailbreak is Now Available for Download

If you search it on GitHub Electra Jailbreak of iOS 11.3.1 is finally available and an open source.

Statements and more details about the program

We got the good news earlier today from CoolStar who posted on Twitter:

“We have had several problems with pwn20wnd and have decided to remove him from the Electra team due to his recent behavior. I have caught wind that he was planning to leak the source code, and so have open sourced it before he could do that.”

“FTR: It was not my decision to add pwn20wnd to the Electra team. null pixel added him to the git repository without giving me much choice. He has blown his contributions way out of proportion and was stirring up unnecessary hype on twitter without asking any of us first.”

“I will let the Github repo speak for itself to show how pwn has been blowing his contributions way out of proportion. iOS 11.0-11.2.6 jailbreak was completed a long time ago without pwn. He really only did work on the UI and the nonce setter.”

As a reply to the allegations mentioned, Pwn20wnd tweeted, “So let me clear it up here: I planned on building a new open source jailbreak from scratch. But I never planned on leaking Electra’s code. That’s such a pointless attack. Oh, and GitHub repo speaks for itself right? It really does. I have done a way more job than what he claims I did. You can check it out.”


If you want to take advantage of the new  Electra Jailbreak of 11.3.1, find it on GitHub. Another major change will take place soon when Sileo will become the replacement of.

If you want to get updates regarding any of the subject mentioned, keep waiting for details.

By Henry R. Lares

Henry Lares is still early into his career as tech reporter but has already had his work published in many major publications including Tech Crunch and the Huffington Post.  In regards to academics, Henry earned an engineering degree from Apex Technical School. Henry has a passion for emerging technology and covers upcoming products and breakthroughs in science and tech.

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