iOS 12 Public Beta 3 Download Available with New Fixes and Improvements

While we recover from previous day excesses, Apple will be releasing their latest iOS 12 Public Beta soon. After Public Beta 2 was launched, at the same time Public Beta 3 is also being tested, and we are finally ready to get excited by what Apple made iOS 12 offer us.

Finally, as a post-Prime Day gift, Apple has released iOS 12 Public Beta 3 on the heels of Developer Beta 4.

Iy you do not have your Apple device set up to automatically update your software when you plug it in, go to Settings > General > Software Update and download the new version of iOS.

So you will not get bored while waiting for your iDevice to update its software, here is a list of what issues were fixed and which ones are still to be fixed.

What Is Fixed

  • If you were often annoyed by not being able to get your Fortnite fix or your favorite Netflix show stopped streaming? It is time to calm down. Now both apps will run the smoothest possible.
  • Your workout route vaporized without you finishing it? You can find it now.
  • Now no dates will be mixed up in the Calander app so you will no longer be late to meeting or forget a loved one’s birthday.
  • Using your phone number, you can register for FaceTime again.
  • Try again if you were having issues with your kid’s devices and Screen Time. Even though not all slew bugs were fixed, it is enough not to make you tear your hair.
  • Now you can sync Voice Memos to iTunes if you want.

What is not fixed

  • If you still see non-localized language in the localized text, that issue is still there.
  • T-Mobile is still hated by iOS12, and when handing off Wi-Fi calls to their network, they will drop calls. Upsy.
  • Between registered devices, Screen Time usage data and data still do not sync. Also, due to the synced devices, the “Picked Up” data may be inflated.
  • Wallet not only opens but it crashes.

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