Sims 5 Update – What We Know So Far?

The E3 2018 event hosted Electronic Arts and Maxis’ announcement about the next Sims which came as a surprise for Sims 4 users who they are still to find all the features of it. However, Grant Rodiek, one of the producers of the game made it clear that Sims 5 might not happen if Sims 4’ sales are not as high as expected. But in case it happens, here are some assumptions:

What we want:

  1. A large world and no loading screens
  • The no loading screen feature is not wow, but it is needed
  • Another necessity of the game is the ability to party, go to work and come back home
  1. Drive around your car
  • It will allow the player to move through maps using a vehicle
  1. Toddlers and Parenthood
  • Current players of the Sims 4 are disappointed the toddlers are not included in the game
  1. Aging System and Fully Customizable Characters
  • The actual aging system is not professional, so improvement is expected
  • New choices will be added to customize the characters such as the eye color, hair, skin to tattoos, body type and many more.

When will it be released? 2020 or 2019?

Electronic Arts made a routine on publishing a Sims every four or five years over the last two decades. If we take that into consideration, since 2014 when Sims 4 was released, there will be five years in 2019.

In 2020, however, Electronic Arts and Maxis will celebrate their 20th Anniversary of the Sims franchise so why not give us a present and announce their new base game with a bunch load of features on PC, maybe VR and next-gen consoles? It is still argued when the Sims 5 will be released.

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