Google Maps for Web Download Available with New Improvements

With the growing importance of the Google Maps app on mobile devices, no matter if it is Android or iPhone, it is easy to forget that this app was first introduced on the web, where it is still an irreplaceable tool that helps us plan our trips. The web version of Google Maps has seen many new features added recently, and especially one of them would not look out of place on your smartphone or tablet.

With Google Maps you will avoid being late

The new feature, which most of us probably did not notice, will notify you when you have to leave, if you want to make sure that you are not late at your chosen destination. This option, even though it was just introduced on the web version of Google Maps, is something we have already known from the mobile version of the popular digital map.

According to Android Police, it is not known exactly when this feature became available. In January of this year, the notifications related to the Local Guides contributions have started being offered on the web version of Google Maps.

A second feature added to the Notifications toggles

A feature called “Time to leave” is now available in the Notifications toggles in the settings of Google Maps. All you need to do before using it is to simply activate it inside the side menu. You might also get a prompt letting you know about this new option.

Of course, you must be signed into Google Maps in order to use these features. Additionally, you have to agree that Google will have access to your location, otherwise these options will not work. After all, Google has to know where you are to help you travel effortlessly.

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