Parity Ethereum (ETH) Client Update Ditches GUI From Its Wallet And Focuses On Devs

Parity, one of the most recognized clients for Ethereum (ETH) in the ecosystem, reported that its v2.0.0-beta update would serve to remove some of the features for end users, especially the GUI of its wallet. This modification will also help to rename this protocol as Parity-Ethereum and will focus on providing tools to users concentrate on infrastructure development, cryptocurrency exchange platforms, mining pools, among other high-level users.

Until now, Parity had been a full node client and wallet, and infrastructure services for Ethereum (ETH). However, according to the official release with the update, the Parity wallet’s GUI will be removed, focusing on providing tools for developers. Users with a high technical level will be able to use their node to conserve funds, but the “friendly” interface will no longer be available.

The specific installers and packages associated with this tool have also been removed. Thus, Parity Ethereum becomes part of the critical pieces of Ethereum (ETH) infrastructure, allowing the integration of its tools in the development of software packages for the end user.

Parity Ethereum (ETH) client’s decision to remove the GUI from its wallet raised some concerns among users

People who have been using this wallet will find a replacement in the Parity user interface available in Github, although the team emphasized that they will only maintain it minimally. Their recommendation is to use Parity Fether, a lightweight wallet associated with his client that will be released shortly.

With version v2.0.0-beta, Parity users will be able to connect different consensus engines, as well as complete infrastructure development with tools that are compatible with a dozen networks running on Ethereum (ETH) network and can be further developed with this suite of tools for advanced users.

Through Reddit, some users were annoyed by the decision, assuring that the possibility of operating a complete node and using a wallet at the same time is not something that is available to other customers. However, the Parity update was generally well received, especially for its new focus on infrastructure and developers.

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