PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two Comes with Streaming Features and New Changes

With the announcements made by Sony and Microsoft regarding the inclusion of streaming on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two, many users started wondering if single-player offline gaming is in the future plans of these companies. The gaming giants have already developed their own streaming services, but we do not know yet how important this component of the next platforms will be.

Streaming is the main focus of developers

According to numerous experts, the major shift in the video gaming industry towards streaming may mean that single-player offline gaming will slowly become a thing of the past. The ever growing importance of the internet creates the need amongst developers to constantly improve and expand the online side of their services. This makes us wonder about the future of single-player offline gaming, especially with the increasing use of subscriptions.

Due to the fact that a large part of PS5 and Xbox’s customer base originates from developing countries, known for rather poor service, these two companies will keep the single-player offline games alive, at least for now. It looks like even with the rapid development of streaming, it will take much longer for us to see streaming-only games.

The benefits of streaming

It is predicted that streaming will generate major improvements in the gaming industry. According to Mashable, the processing power of a console will be freed up, and at the same time we will avoid large downloads while updating games.

Google may enter the gaming market

While we wonder about the future of single-player offline gaming, a new player may join the industry. Apparently, Google is preparing the launch of its own console and streaming service, named Yeti. The future could be very interesting with the arrival of Google’s console.

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