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The Hottest Platforms for Your ICO

If you plan a token sale, you should launch it on Ethereum. This is the thought of many people who are new to cryptocurrency since Ethereum seems to rule the landscape.

After all, Ethereum serves as the base for 90% of the top 100 tokens ranked according to market capitalization. The powerful ERC20 token standard is universally praised by developers, because it allows smart interaction among tokens that share the standard.

You should however keep in mind that Ethereum is not mandatory for launching a token sale.  While it is certainly popular, other platforms have recently gained traction. It has also been observed that many operations built on Ethereum seem to fail.

Keeping all of the above in mind, here are a few safe alternatives to explore:


The core of Stellar a unified platform for building block-chain based payment apps. It runs on a custom protocol called federated Byzantine Agreement, employing ‘’quorom slices’’ in order to establish a coherent system-level policy.  It is also preferred by a large company because it can support several high-volume transactions simultaneously with minimal fees.


Called by some ‘’The Ethereum of China ‘’ NEO is much more than that. Among the benefits, you can count a digital identity infrastructure for identifying both organizations and individuals. It also allows the free trade of digital assets hosted on the network. It is based on the NEOContracts protocol, which allows developers to write it in mainstream languages.


While not available for the public yet, Dispatch may be attractive for developers that need more data storage for their project. It is planned to be released around Q4 of 2018 but development builds are available for interested developers on the company website.


The last but not least on our list is Qtum.  The Singapore-based project takes the best from both Bitcoin and Ethereum.  It is very user-friendly and developers are able to switch between protocols in a flash. It is a very convenient solution for both new and experienced developers.

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