Skype Audio and Video Calls Update Download Available Soon

When Microsoft bought Skype, competitors in the market, who in the meantime became true giants in messaging, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, did not seem to be a problem, as they only provided basic text messaging services. In the meantime, however, these (and many more) offer Internet-based calling functionality at a similar level, so Microsoft is now trying to differentiate its service through capabilities that fans have long been calling for, such as call recording.

Skype Call Recording is one of the many features that many users have long wanted, and in the meantime they have developed separate applications that offer the ability to record audio or video signal from the Microsoft service. With the promised end-of-July update, which will adapt Skype interface from the desktop to a closer one to the mobile sector, the ability to record calls will be integrated across all platforms.

Thus, when someone starts the recording, all participants in the call will receive a notification that warns them of this.

One of Skype’s main competitors, Google Hangouts, has provided similar functionality a long time ago, combining the video call platform with live streaming capabilities from YouTube to deliver a final record directly to the YouTube channel of the one who wanted to record.

In the case of Skype, the records will most likely remain on the device on which the recording was started. Lately, Microsoft has begun to experiment with the so-called “Content Creator mode”, which offers those interested in podcasting live video or audio, the ability to use Skype along with streaming and recording applications such as Xplit, Wirecast and Vmix.

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