iOS 11.4 Downgrade No Longer Available – iOS 11.4.1 Has Been Already Released

Not long ago, iOS 11.4.1 was released by Apple and it includes some performance improvements and bug fixes. Following this release, Apple has stopped signing the previous version of iOS, which means that it will no longer be available to consumers. With iOS 11.4 not being signed anymore, all users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will not be able to downgrade to this version from now on, thus also making jailbreaking impossible.

How is this affecting the jailbreaking community?

We all know that when the tech giant decides to put an end to an older version of iOS, jailbreak users are the ones that are affected the most by this. In recent times, jailbreaking has made quite a recovery, as it has had noteworthy releases for the most recent iOS versions. However, the fact that iOS 11.4 has stopped being signed by Apple could pose some problems to the jailbreaking community, as all efforts made so far could have been in vain.

Apple is known for regularly stopping the signing of older versions of software updates once they have a new release, so that customers will be motivated to keep their operating system updated.

What’s next?

As we mentioned before, iOS 11.4.1 is now going to be the only version of iOS 11 that users will be able to install on their iOS devices. At the moment, we do not know if any other iOS 11.x releases will take place. What we know is that Apple is only beta testing iOS 12 and the new operating system is expected to launch later this year. Also, public beta testers and developers can already download iOS 12.

Nonetheless, if you have a jailbroken device and you still haven’t made the update, we’d recommend you to ignore it for now, as the latest update from Apple does not have a jailbreak available yet.

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