Pokemon Go Lucky Pokemon Available with Stardust Features

If you are a Pokemon Go player, love the game but expect something new, your time of waiting has finally come to an end. A new update is going to introduce some new intriguing features to the game. Yesterday we were announced that this updated bring new rewards in the Gifts section of the app and many more additions.

What do we expect?

A new type of Berry along with coming uncovered details hidden about Lucky Pokemon were discovered by data miners who were analyzing the new Pokemon GO code.

Without any confirmations received but with some hopes in our hurts, it looks like Lucky Pokemon might start offering the hugely discounted Stardust costs as a reward and to power up. According to most Pokemon Go players, Stardust is the most significant resource in the application, becoming a bonus is applied to the right Pokemon. From the initial report, we found out that no Stardust will be needed to power up the Lucky Pokemon, contrary to data miners’ statements which indicate that it is a 50% discount instead and a confirmation on that comes from the Pokemon GO Spain Twitter.

About the earning of a Lucky Pokemon, it is still to find out how you can do that.

The APK’s static assets also show a new berry, but we do not have too much information about this subject. From the image, we can guess it will be a Pinap Berry and players hope it will offer a more significant candy bonus while serving a familiar function.

At the moment, Pokemon GO is not available for all regions, but you can try your luck on iOS and Android devices to see if the game is accepted in your region or not.

Until then, keep an eye of the news and get ready for the update.

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