Bitmain Crypto Mining Company Launched Its New Litecoin (LTC) Mining WiFi Router

Bitmain crypto mining equipment manufacturer announced the launch of Antrouter R3-LTC WiFi Litecoin (LTC) mining device.

The Antrouter R1, announced on July 4th, with a price of $39 and a hash rate of 1.7 MH/s, has a much lower performance than the Antminers equipment dedicated exclusively to mining. This machine cannot work in the Antpool mining mode, which supports the P2P mining protocol and it forces Bitcoin (BTC) mining in standalone mode.

Antpool, as Bitmain said on, brings together the hash power of several miners and directs it to their servers, to be used in a collaborative mining task.

Consequently, because of its moderate hash rate, the chances of mining LTC are minimal.

The Antrouter R3-LTC, announced by Bitmain on July 18th and designed to mine Litecoin (LTC), is based on the ASIC BM1485 chip. It contains six of these chips, capable of delivering a hash rate of 9.9 MH/s and consumes 23.2 watts, according to specifications.

Bitmain launched its new Litecoin (LTC) mining WiFi router

In a review, this Litecoin (LTC) mining WiFi router has a noise level of 50 decibels at a one-meter distance, at an ambient temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, measured in a quiet room.

“It is highly doubtful that anyone would want to have such a noisy WiFi router on their desk, even if it is used for Litecoin (LTC) mining,” as reported on Bitcointalk.

In September 2015, Bitmain had made its debut into this type of mining-capable WiFI router with the Bitmain R1, which was designed to mine Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitmain has between 70% and 80% market share in the Bitcoin (BTC) mining equipment market and, in just four years of existence, managed to match and exceed the operating profits of established companies in the graphics card market like Nvidia, according to a report by analysts at Bernstein Research, the leading US research and brokerage firm on Wall Street.

In April, Bitmain crypto mining equipment manufacturer launched its first mining team for Ethereum (ETH).

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