How to Install Xender on your Computer?

Xender is an excellent and world-renowned app that is best at sharing files. With that being said, there is no shock when you realize that better than a few millions of people already have Xender downloaded and the number of users grows day by day alongside with the need of sharing files.

If you are here to find out more about Xender’s premium features and how to take advantage of them, we are here to guide you step by step on how to enable Xender on your PC and start sharing files as soon as you have it.

How do you share files?

Yap, this is the app for you! Xender is famous for being able to share, in a matter of seconds, any of files without any restrictions or blockages.

Everybody can share everything they want from documents to images, and even a fully installed app. Xender makes it easy for us to do this because it is a highly optimized app.

Bluetooth is not needed

Another advantage of Xender’s ability to share files is that no Bluetooth connection is required for any operation of sharing. For sharing data with your co-workers, friends or between personal computers, the only thing needed is for both devices to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, the speed with which Xender can share files is faster than Bluetooth with 200 times, more specifically it can reach up to 40 Mb/s.

How to install Xender on PC

Because file sharing could not be easier without Xender, it also gives you the possibility to use it on your PC. However, as exciting as it sounds, it is not as easy so down below you have the steps to achieve that.

  1. On a smartphone running on Android, install Xender
  2. After swiping left to right to access the homepage, click on the option called “Connect to PC.”
  3. Now, you need to choose the option called “Create Hotspot.”
  4. Connect the specific smartphone to your Wi-Fi hotspot;
  5. Open the web address displayed by Xender on your browser, and now you can use the app’s features

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