MacBook Pro 2019 Leaks – New Keyboard, Ports and LTE

A not Air nor Pro MacBook was introduced by Apple in 2015 which did not feature enough ports, and that introduced the USB-C.

The MacBook Pro released in 2016 came along with these changes and a few additions such us Touch ID, an OLED-screen Touch Bar and the most appreciated DCI-P3 display.

In 2017, however, the only change in MacBooks and MacBooks Pro was the improved Intel Kaby Lake processors.

2018 was significantly better with the introduction of a 3d generation keyboard, Coffee Lake processors with six cores and the TrueTone.

Now it is the time to make some assumptions regarding 2019.

Will the keyboard improve?

Whether you hate the MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards or you love them, in 2018 they were updated, but it is still to be seen what will happen to them in 2019.

Will the keyboard be replaced with a multi-force-touch surface?

Even though it is not the first time we hear this rumor, it still frightens us even though our brain could be tricked into feeling dials, keys, nobs and other methods of controlling rather than a keyboard.

Will MacBook have more ports?

Because Apple failed to make the MacBook wireless, it still has a USB-C which is used for both charging the device and carrying data. It does not satisfy the public because wireless charging is not possible yet and they also suffer from a lack of LTE and Bluetooth’s inability to support a broader range of peripherals.

We are not sure if the next MacBook will come with more ports or no ports.

Any change of receiving LTE?

that to happen, the macOS will need to have an addition of a mobile mode feature which is kind of a hard change for Qualcomm to make so it will take a while until our wish fulfilled.

A change in Intel processors?

Even though Intel is struggling to improve, Apple will surely stick to whatever they release new.

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