PS5 and Xbox Two Leaks – Latest Information We Know So Far

The streaming era is slowly the gaming industry. Recent news about the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 came as a confirmation to the statement above. Even though it is not crystal clear what the developer of the next generation of consoles are planning to implement, we can assume it is going to bring us a discless future soon.

Discless PS5 and Xbox Two?

Michael J. Olson and Yung Kim, some analyst, suggest that, according to VGR, there will be a possibility of discless devices. We might not see any physical media involved with these consoles by 2022. By that, we can assume that no disc feature will be compatible with the consoles by 2022. Another part of this story would be that the Xbox Two and PS5 release will not bring them with disc drives.

If you believed in backward compatibility for the consoles mentioned, you might face some disappointment. Taking into account the fact that the previous models of PlayStation used discs, the old gaming discs will no longer be usable for playing. And if there will be a chance of backward compatibility for the next generation of consoles, as a user you will need to buy those games again in another format.

With that being said, there is a little chance for these consoles to go discless in the near future. This would also affect retailers who have a nificant revenue year by year due to seeling discless consoles.

No more PS4?

PS4 already has a date of death set although we were not provided any information about that. The gaming division president of Sony, John Coder, said that by March 2021 we d no longer be able to purchase the PlayStation 4.

The future of consoles is still to be set so until then we need to settle with what we have.

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