Qualcomm Decides Which One Works Better, Snapdragon or Intel

Compared to the iPhone X, Galaxy S9 has a faster speed of downloading, and Samsung does not ditch a possibility to mock Apple in its new short ad. Samsung used the information Ookla provided regarding its “Speedtest Intelligence” report. This report also made a battle between Snapdragon 845’s X20 LTE modem and Qualcomm.

However, the opinions are because there is a continuous debate on whether Ookla’s Speedtest is accurate enough. The con people would say that their method is not even scientific because it is user-initiated. Contrary to that, the pro people suggest that the public would rather know how the phone would function when they have it in their hands and not under controlled conditions.

The latency and download and upload speeds of the Android phones running on the Snapdragon 845 are significantly outperforming other phones, according to Ookla’s report. The modems Intel pushes to mobile devices are Intel XMM7360 and XMM7840, and Qualcomm is focused on them. However, the only phones which use these modems are Apple’s iPhones.

If you have read before about the rivalry between Apple and Qualcomm you might already know what it is all about. US International Trade Commission was about to be convinced to block iPhones with Intel modems by Qualcomm’s hand due to potential patent infringement. As that did not work out, now they are trying to convince you that the iPhones with Intel LTE do not let you benefit from more innovative technology unless you get a Qualcomm phone. Unsurprisingly, T-Mobile and AT&T are also singled by Qualcomm.

The effect of this move might consist of Apple changing its tactic. Apple does not want to do anything anymore with Qualcomm and it sues it as their focus is base on the LTE modems.

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