Clash of Clans and Pokemon Go Mix will hit App Stores this Summer

Every smartphone owner must have heard at least once about Clash of Clans and Pokemon GO and maybe even played for a while. For those of you that asked themselves ‘’Hmmm, a mixture of Clash and Pokemon GO would be awesome’’, your wish has been granted. Clash&GO will be launched later this summer and promises an interesting mixture between the two games, highlighting the best features of both.

Developed by Leyland, who also created the popular title Draconius GO, the new offering promises geolocation, city-building and RTS elements, all rolled into one. You will be able to walk around in the real world, stop anywhere you like and start a new village, just like you would in Clash of Clans.  For those who do not enjoy PvP, or do not wish to interact with other people, a single-player campaign will also be available.

The main attraction is the fact that you can manipulate the open-world in any way you desire to Build, demolish, reshape, construct a glorious city or wreak havoc on poorly-defended ones. It is all up to you, should you possess the right amount of CGO tokens (it is a free-to-play title after all). The developers even implied Blockchain functionality (hence the CGO tokens).

In a manner similar to Pokemon GO, the game will use live map data, your location, and your camera in order to construct the AR world in real time. Vacant lots are free to take, hidden treasures await you in some places, and useful items can be collected for later use.

You will also be able to build a classic, static base, which can be upgraded and improved by collecting resources. Should you opt-in for PvP you will also need to defend it from raiders in search of easy prey. Clans will also be an option as you and your friends will be able to contest and conquer territories in order to expand your kingdom.

While the game looks promising it remains to be seen just how good it will be at release.

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