Quick Fix for Snapchat Android Problems in Google Play Store

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, and even though most of the time it works great, some Android users may encounter the annoying ‘’Unfortunately Snapchat has stopped message’’ more than once along with random crashes and freezes. Here is a list of solutions that may be able to solve your issues so you can keep those fires burning high!

Tip 1: Clear app cache

The easiest solution for common issues.

Go to Settings, tap on your app manager, find Snapchat, tap on the app and tap again on Clear Cache. After launching the app, it should work normally.

Tip 2: Clear app data

If clearing the cache does not seem to work, it’s time to clear your app data. Over time, it tends to become corrupt, becoming the source of the malfunction. Keep in mind that all the information Snapchat stored, including ID and password, will be deleted.

Go to Settings, tap on your app manager, find and tap on Snapchat, and tap on the clear app data button. Re-log and check if it worked.

Tip 3: Check if the app is up to date

Open the Play Store app.

Tap on the sidebar

Select ‘’My apps & games’’

Find and tap on Snapchat

Tap on update

Tip 4: Delete and re-install

While in most cases the problems should be fixed by now, if they persist there is one last hope to see your cool Bitmoji again.  There are to methods for deleting an app on your Android device:

1: The fastest one is to find the Snapchat icon on your home screen, tap and hold, and drag it to the uninstall/delete field that should appear on the upper left-side of the screen.

2: Go to Settings, tap on your app manager, find Snapchat and tap on it, and tap on uninstall. You should first delete your cache and app data for a better result.

After deleting your app, simply search for it on the Play store and download it again. Now go back and stock the fire!

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