Samsung Galaxy S11 in the Future, Maybe a Samsung Galaxy S20

We know that history is there to give us a lesson right? Do you remember the Huawei P10? After its success, we were expecting the P11. However, the company skipped a few numbers and delivered us the P20 and the P20 Pro.

Richard Yu, the company’s CEO, offered a pretty good explanation as to why that happened. Because they thought that the new version is far better than the P10, they felt that just adding another digit won’t do the new product any justice. That’s how they got up to 20.

July 20th delivered us quite a blow, that we might not see another Galaxy S beyond the S10. Maybe Samsung is shifting its focus on something completely different, like a phone that folds or that looks like a Note but there’s yet another possibility which might be Samsung’s changing its naming convention.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Samsung pulled this on us. In August 2011, when the company introduced the S family of products it became an official naming convention. However, Samsung already had R, W, M, and Y, which means that it could happen again.

In South Korea and the European Union Samsung has registered the A10, A30, A50 and A70 which means that, after Samsung A8, we can expect an A10 or an A30 and so on. This is another clue that the company might try to release a Samsung S20, followed by, perhaps, an S30.

The Galaxy 9 and the Galaxy Note 9 represent the last models featuring a single digit representative. The name convention change could happen in 2020, which is yet another reason for the company to deliver an S20 at the mark of a new decade.

There are even some voices that speak about Samsung opting for simplifying the device names, for example Samsung A30 or Samsung S40. However, since Samsung invested a lot of time and money on furnishing the Galaxy brand, it seems unlikely that this scenario would happen.

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