Clash of Clans – Farming Strategies for Town Hall 12 with No Hero and Troops

The latest update for Clash of Clans introduced Town Hall 12 and this changed the entire game! Town Hall 12 adds more depth to the game and it gives players different strategies that they can use in order to dominate their enemies. However, the most important thing that Clash of Clans players can do now that Town Hall 12 is here is to devise a clever farming strategy for Town Hall 12 without needing to rely on clan castle troops or heroes.

Farming Strategies for Town Hall 12

We asked veteran Clash of Clans players about the farming strategies that they use when it comes to Town Hall 12 so that new players can get an idea of what type of tricks they can use. With that being said, let’s get into it.

Be Active!

“PaluEF” is a Forum Elder on the official Clash of Clans community forum and his advice for new players who are trying to farm for Town Hall 12 is to be active. The Forum Elder is saying that the cheapest way to farm without heroes and with Titan is: LaLooNion: 2 lavas, 30 loons, 2-3 BBdrags, rest minions (exchange minis for a few wbs if heroes), 2 rage, 1 clone, 1 freeze, 2 haste, and 1 poison.

Looting with Cheap Armies

Another forum users that goes by “Klavious” is saying that looting with cheap armies in lower leagues is not as profitable as it might sound. Therefore, “Klavious” advises new players to get Titans and hope for better loot.

Basic Troops

The user “2222” is a Game Specialist on the forum and he is saying that new players shouldn’t try to look for complicated farming strategies and stick with basic troops instead. Therefore, farming with Barch, goblins and so on will do the job just fine.

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