New from WhatsApp: Group Video and Audio Calls Available for Anyone

We have encountered our share of leaks, rumors and revelations about what can WhatsApp bring new to the game. Not long ago we wondered if we were ever going to contact a friend through video and Whatsapp finally made it happen. During Facebook’s F8 developer gathering that happened earlier this year (in May, to be exact) the big brains from WhatsApp revealed to us that group calls will be available soon.

Sure enough, by the end of May some lucky Whatsapp users gained this benefit and now the group video and audio call features are finally being delivered to all the users of this app. If you are curious about how exactly is it going to work, let us properly inform you. The basic principle is that four people can talk and see each other by using this new feature.

This means that you and three of your friends or co-workers will be able to be in contact at the same time with the opportunity of using a split-screen to see each other as well. It is pretty easy to do it, don’t worry. First, call one of your contacts and if you wish to talk to others, then all you have to do is add more participants by tapping the icon which can be found on the top corner of the app.

According to WhatsApp, you can be sure that all calls are safely encrypted and this feature is designed to work on various network conditions from all around the globe in a reliable fashion. This means that soon enough (if you are not using it already) you can talk to your entire family at once or conduct a small work meeting from home. We really do live in the age of technology.

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