No Man’s Sky Planets – Find The Most Awkward Ones

No Man’s Sky features a wide variety of randomly generated planets. Muyeseci is one of those rare is one of those planets seemingly ripped out of the Slender Man’s dreams. You will find a barren world, lacking any plants or animals. It does not even feature mountains or seas. A grim visage awaits you, filled with strange hexagonal metal circles and cyber structures similar to mushroom fungi.

I should have known better when I first saw the description of the planet in the scan. [Redacted] should have been a safe clue that something was wrong with Muyeseci.  It is only one of several planets in its system and after further exploration I have found some that look even creepier. At first it looked like just any other normal planet, with huge mountains, and vast oceans, reminiscent of Earth. Upon landing, I have seen one of the most desolate plains in video games. Countless metal structures, in the form of black rings covered the surface, reminiscent of same failed ritual or even a mass cemetery for the planet’s population.

While most of planets are generated randomly, you are able to apply certain ship upgrades which allow you to find them more easily. The key is to upgrade your Hyperdrive. But which one is right for you?

You will need three particular drives, the Cadmium, Emeril and Indium Hyperdrives. They will allow you to reach Reed, Green and blue star systems, were elusive exotic planets tend to appear more often. In order to reach the star systems you will have to progress through the drives in the mentioned order, as it is not possible to jump straight to the Iridium drive. You will need Cadmium from a Red system in order to develop the Emeril Hyperdrive and so on. Blueprints and other parts are available many Galactic Trade Terminals.

Go on and see where the stars will carry you!

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