August Field Research Quests Introduce Legendary Pokemon Raikou

We just entered August and this means only one thing for Pokemon Go fans, Niantic is getting ready to release a brand-new set of Field Research quests. The game developer decided to make an “electrifying” announcement over Twitter a couple of days ago and it teased that August’s new Field Research quests are going to focus on Electric-type Pokemon.

Niantic Announces Legendary Pokemon Raikou

“Trainers, we have an electrifying announcement for you! August Field Research tasks will focus on Electric-type Pokemon. Also, if you collect enough stamps to earn a Research Breakthrough, you’ll have an opportunity to catch the Legendary Pokemon Raikou!” said Niantic over Twitter.

Completing August Field Research Quests

Now that August is here, Pokemon Go fans will be able to complete daily quests which focus on Electric-type Pokemon. Field Research quests need to be completed every day and they reward players with special stamps and once players gather seven of them, they will be able to get a Research Breakthrough which unlocks new rewards. Not just that but gathering seven stamps will reward players with an encounter with a rare Pokemon.

Capturing Raikou

We should mention that this is not the first time that Raikou is being introduced into the Pokemon Go universe. The Legendary dog was first added to the game during last fall as a Raid Battle. However, the new August Field Research quests give players an opportunity to capture the Legendary Pokemon. The best thing about this is that unlike the fall raid, players will be able to capture Raikou without having to team up with other trainers or go to a Gym.

Visit PokeStops

The last thing we need to go over regarding August Field Research quests is that players need to visit PokeStops in order to get these daily quests. Fortunately, PokeStops are spread all over the world.

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