Getting in wars is one of the most fun things that you can do in Clash Royale. However, things get even better when you need to team up with your clan members and then win fights in order to get ranked in higher leagues. Since we are talking about Clash Royale leagues, the biggest difference in skill is between silver and gold. Most Clash Royale players are stuck in the silver league while only the best advance further!

Advancing from Silver to Gold League

Today we are going to present Clash Royale fans with a few tips that will help them run their clan successfully after advancing from silver to the gold league. Even though some clan leaders might take this to the extremes and assign players with special tasks, we know that not everyone dedicates all their free time to Clash Royale and we will only go over the most important tips.

Practice Makes Perfect

After asking on the r/ClashRoyale subreddit, we found out that the one thing all clan leaders who are ranked gold have in common is that they ask their clan members to practice a lot. If you do not plan on enforcing this type of rule on your clan members, then you should at least tell them to train before war day battles.

Do Not Force Participation or Exclusion

Not everyone has the free time to join war day battles and therefore, clan leaders should make sure not to force participation. Not just that, but also don’t exclude players from battles because they might not have a certain type of card. The game stops being fun when things get too serious and having fun is the most important thing about Clash Royale.

On the other hand, there are some players who do nothing and you shouldn’t tolerate slackers just for the sake of it. Don’t be afraid to kick someone out of the clan, especially when that player doesn’t participate battles at all.

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