Former US President Bill Clinton To Open The Ripple’s Swell Event In October

Former US President Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker at the opening of Ripple’s Swell event, to be held October 1-2 in San Francisco, USA.

Ripple made the announcement July 31st, through its blog, noting that the former US president will participate in a Q&A session to be moderated by Gene Sperling, Director of the National Economic Council and adviser under Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Clinton’s involvement in the event can provide input to address today’s technology challenges, which pose dilemmas around the rapid exchange of value, financial inclusion and economic opportunity offered by digital assets and crypto-based blockchain technology, versus regulatory concerns and investor protection.

Former US President Bill Clinton will open the Ripple’s Swell event in October

The emphasis is placed on the experience of the former US President, who in the 1990s established programs that helped bridge the digital breakthroughs and helped to mark the beginning of a period of growth and adoption of the Internet.

After the announcement of Clinton’s participation in the Ripple’s Swell event was made, the Ripple followers on Twitter commented, and the opinions were mixed.

While some people found the fact interesting, others felt that the former US President Bill Clinton is not having much to do with the cryptocurrencies universe or that he might not have much to contribute to the topics that would be discussed during Ripple’s Swell event.

This one will be the second edition of Ripple’s Swell, which is an event created in 2017 by Ripple to bring together the leaders of banking and cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, committed to changing the way money moves.

Under the 2018 programme, major financial services companies using distributed ledger technology will participate this year, as well as addressing new market opportunities in remittances, e-commerce and corporate markets. This, together with analyses of the regulatory frameworks being established for cryptocurrencies in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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