iPad Pro Might Feature a New Back Design and a Different Smart Connector Location

There have been many voices across the web that spoke about a changing in the design of iPad Pro and they did this for almost a year now, talking about Apple adding Face ID or removing the Home button from their tablets. Recently, a CAD rendering popped up online from notorious image leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer which showed how the new device might look like.

Apparently, we’re in for a surprise. That image showed a different back design and the device will have its Smart Connector in a different place than we would have expected. This image might be a clear indicator of what’s in store for us concerning the 2018 iPad Pro, a back made from glass. Since Apple released their second iPad in 2011, they used curved sides for all their models that featured bodies made from aluminum.

However, this CAD rendering shows flat sides and back which reminds us to the original iPad design. This only makes sense if Apple plans on making a glass design for the device’s rear surface, which means that the iPad family might be introduced to inductive charging as well. This would be a nice addition, presently featured in the latest iPhones.

There are some questions raised concerning a glass back in terms of safety. Still, if Apple plans on using chemically hardened glass, those concerns might be softened. Another distinct feature showed in the previously mentioned image is the pill-shaped surface clearly seen above the Lightning port of the iPad.

Some say that it represents the location for the Smart Connector, which would be a clear transition from previous models which showcased it on their left sides. This change would bring others in turn, especially redesigning iPad Pro keyboards and other such “smart” accessories.

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