Movavi Slideshow Maker – A Simple Way to Create Exceptional Slideshows

Good slideshows are hard to come by, and few leverage its full potential as audiovisual content. The software that you use to create your slideshows will dictate what the elements that you’re able to incorporate into it – which is why you need to choose wisely.

One option that you should certainly consider is Movavi Slideshow Maker (, a specialized slideshow software that is designed to make it easy to create exceptional slideshows. It provides two different modes that you can use to create slideshows: An Easy mode, and a Full Feature mode.

Quickly Put Together a Slideshow in the Easy Mode

True to its name the Easy mode will help you to quickly put together a slideshow by guiding your through each step of the process. It will allow you to add photos and arrange the order they’re in, include background music, select a style of animated transition to put between all slides, and finally preview and save the slideshow.

The tabbed interface of the Easy mode will let you quickly accomplish all that, and there are a few additional options to help you along the way. In particular, Movavi Slideshow Maker’s Easy mode has features that you can use to fit the video to the duration of the music that you choose, or remove black bars from photos.

In short, this mode does what it is designed to do, and will make compiling a slideshow an easy process that can be done in minutes.

Get Creative in the Full Feature Mode

If you want to be creative and come up with a slideshow that is truly unique then the Full Feature mode may be more your speed. It is designed using a ‘timeline’ structure akin to video editors, and in it you’ll be able to access the full range of Movavi Slideshow Maker’s features.

Some of the more notable features in the Full Feature mode of Movavi Slideshow Maker will allow you to:

  • Incorporate video clips alongside photos in your slideshows.
  • Enhance the quality of videos and photos by carrying out manual or automated color correction.
  • Record a voiceover on the spot via a microphone.
  • Edit audio tracks to improve their quality, adjust sound levels, minimize background noise, apply effects, and more.
  • Select and place specific animated transitions between exactly the slides that you want.
  • Apply a wide range of filters and other visual effects.
  • Add customizable text elements that include animated styles to create captions, titles, bullet points, and more.


All in all Movavi Slideshow Maker should be able to cater to any requirements you have for creating slideshows, and will place the decision on the manner in which you want to proceed in your hands. By giving you the choice to quickly compile slideshows or create more creative versions of your own, it will ensure that you are able to come up with exactly the type of slideshow that you want to at any given point in time.

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