OnePlus 3 and 3T will Feature Android P Soon

We all know that we can’t expect smartphones to come with the latest in terms of Android versions. However, in order to restore trust in OEM’s, the most recent OnePlus comes with some exciting news.

To make sure that it represents one of the best Android OEM’s out there, OnePlus made confirmations that even its older devices (we’re talking about the OnePlus 3/3T) will feature Android P. This means that you can forget about the overdue update to Android Oreo.

Oxygen OS, for those unaware, represents a modified version of the original Android. We mention them because their staff manager spoke about how they have arrived to the decision of focusing on developing the Android P project. They did this while arriving to the decision that just upgrading the device to Android 8.1 wouldn’t be such a good idea.

Instead, Android P would bring some very interesting improvements and features, much to the delight of OnePlus 3/3T users. The OnePlus devices have a trademark of featuring only Oxygen OS and it’s not the first time we have seen something like this. Samsung has TouchWiz, so both the users of both companies can expect that only the manufacturers have a say in updating their devices to a certain Android version.

You can safely assume that Android P won’t come to older models, such as OnePlus One, X or OnePlus 2, since there hasn’t been anything on the news about such a change. Initially, Android P will hit OnePlus 6, 5/5T and only then it will arrive on the 3 and 3T devices. Those that are using OnePlus 6 and they consider themselves anxious may already try the beta version of Android P.

Maybe it’s important to note, if you didn’t already figured it out, Android P or 9.0 represents the latest version available. It introduced gesture navigation support, which is a new feature which may just change the game.

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