NordVPN: Private WiFi & Security 3.4.3 Update Improves the UI Experience

If you are the type of person who loves browsing the web while mobile, then you should make sure to get a VPN provider. There are numerous benefits to having a VPN provider installed on your smartphone, but the best ones have to be being able to access region restricted content and being completely anonymous on the internet.

Since we are talking about VPN providers that make surfing the web a safer experience, then we need to present NordVPN. As we previously mentioned, NordVPN makes it possible for everyone to surf the web without having to ever worry about being tracked. Not just that, NordVPN comes with a bunch of cool features and today we are going to present the most important ones.

NordVPN: Private WiFi & Security 3.4.3 Update

Before we list NordVPN’s most important features, readers should know that NordVPN has just received a brand-new update. The update changes NordVPN’s version number to “3.4.3” and it optimizes the UI (user interface).

After installing the new update, NordVPN users will be able to access the main map screen by simply swiping up on the screen. Moreover, NordVPN will feature one-tap access to the server list, search, favorites and specialty servers panel.

Highlight Features           

  • Secure Browsing

The services that NordVPN offers a guarantee that no one will ever be able to track your internet activity. NordVPN also blocks harmful websites and malware from affecting your smartphone.

  • Free Trial

The developers who are in charge of NordVPN are so confident in their services that they offer seven days free trial. Therefore, you can check out how surfing the web feels with NordVPN before purchasing it.

  • More Online Entertainment

Hands down, the best thing about NordVPN is the fact that it unlocks region restricted entertainment. With that said, NordVPN will make it easier for you to watch interesting online content even though it might be restricted to your region.

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